1598 Lightning & Thunder Accessory for Any-Scale Layout

$129.99 $119.00

Not all days on the railroad are sunny! Activate realistic driving RAIN and WIND SOUNDS with LIGHTNING that strobes with dramatic effect and THUNDER claps that shake the room -- All the with the push of a button!


- 2 High-Brite Multi-LED Lighting Strip
- 1 Amplified Layout Speaker with Enclosure
- 1 Lighting and Sound Controller Kit
- Classic Push Button activator


- Creates realistic thunder storm lighting and sound conditions!
- Amplified layout mounted speaker provides powerful thunder, wind and rain sounds (mounts beneath your layout)
- Engineered specifically for use with Broadway Limited's Rolling ThunderTM Subwoofer System***

*** While the Lightning & Thunder accessory can be used as a stand alone product (without our Rolling Thunder subwoofer system), for the best experience we highly recommend using it conjunction with our Rolling Thunder subwoofer system. The Lightning & Thunder accessory is designed to be plugged directly into the Rolling Thunder subwoofer (or any RCA equipped subwoofer) allowing for realistic bass sounds characteristic of real life thunder storms. Without a subwoofer, only mid and high range sounds will play through the included speaker and thunder sounds will be unrealistic.***