• Atlas ALCo S4 Sound kit EZ Speaker ESU Loksound TCS Keep Alive (Milling Required)


    Sound Kit to retro fit your HO Atlas ALCo S4 with ESU Loksound TCS Keep Alive and a ALCo EZ Speaker with built in LEDs for headlight and number boards. Extra 2 402 LEDs will be with the kit to light your rear head light and cab. NOTE modification is required to the weight on top of the motor to fit the decoder so you can fit the Keep Alive. If you can not MILL the weight you will need the other kit that dose not have the keep alive. You will need to rest the decoder in the cab. THIS is a very TIGHT squeeze. Be very careful. Decoder installs are available. Milling of Chassis weight is also available for a fee.   EZ Speaker is only available at Scruffy's Auto Repair and More LLC ----- Locomotive is NOT included with this kit