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    Locomotive Running Stands

    The complete locomotive running stand that will support your locomotive AND the tender.

    Infinite gauge adjustment from N to G-gauge (9mm to 45mm/ 0.354" to 1.77").

    Engineered with automatic gauge stops to allow for easy adjustment to your track gauge.

    For AC, DC and DCC on 2 or 3-rail track.

    The Saddles (machined aluminum extrusions with integral ball bearings) are designed to support all the powered axles.

    The Stirrups (machined aluminum extrusions) are designed to support the lead/trailing trucks and the tender of your steam locomotive.

    Being a modular design, the length is limited only to the track it sits on.

    Use at the workbench or right on the layout.

    Use for maintenance & repair, break-in running, or display running.

     40 Series50 Series60 Series
     40 Series50 Series60 Series
    Major ScaleNHO, SO, G
    Track2 rail2 & 3 rail2 & 3 rail
    adjustable1 – with our built-in automatic gauge stop, all that is required is to loosen the set screw with the Allen Key (supplied) and in 5 seconds you can adjust the gauge to suit your track.
    Tech Talk:40 Series50 Series60 Series
    Gauge Range: 
     Metric9 to 15 mm15 to 23 mm23 to 46 mm
     Inch.354 to .591".591 to .906".906 to 1.811"