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    Model Train Speedometer

    The Model Train Speedometer is the perfect tool for setting up and diagnosing all your locomotives.

    For example, why not diagnose problems before they happen, such as during break-in running –

    • Is the speed slowing down?
      This could be signs of a bind developing or lubrication breaking down.
    • Is the speed the same or increasing?
      Most probable is (especially on a new or rebuilt locomotive) the tightness in the drive train is working itself loose and the gears are correctly seating themselves.


    Console Version

    • Use with AC, DC or DCC locomotives
    • Monitor break-in running
    • Detect which loco’s run faster than others (AC & DC consisting).
    • Speed in MPH or KPH
    • Odometer in MI or KM
    • Tachometer for axle speed.
    • 2 mode counter – stopwatch and count down with audible alarm at 00:00
    • Reader auto sensor
    • Auto off

    Computer (Decoder Pro) Version

    • Use with DCC locomotives
    • Setting up the speed steps
    • Monitor break-in running
    • Speed in MPH or KPH
    • Reader auto sensor
    • Decoder Pro included

    Model Train Speedometer