• Circuitron FL-2 Alternating Flasher



    The CIRCUITRON FL-2 is designed

    to be controlled by the output

    from one of our Grade Crossing

    Detection circuits. The FL-2 may

    also be easily wired for continuous

    flashing or for manual control with

    a panel switch, if desired. Only

    one FL-2 is needed per road

    crossing regardless of the number

    of tracks (each with their own Detection

    circuit) at the crossing. The FL-2 will power

    incandescent lamps or Light Emitting Diodes

    (with proper current limiting resistors). The

    maximum load that may be applied to each

    output is 250 ma. This is sufficient to flash 3

    or 4 standard grain of wheat lamps or 10 - 15

    LEDs per side. The current draw of grain of

    wheat lamps varies widely from one

    manufacturer to the next. Typically, they will

    be in the 50-75 ma. per bulb range. If you are

    not sure, check them with an ammeter. The

    outputs of the FL-2 are not protected against

    over-current or short circuit conditions, and

    connecting too many lamps to the outputs will

    likely damage the circuit. This is not covered

    by warranty. The FL-2 is constructed on a

    1.5” x 3” printed circuit board.