• Ciruitron SD-1 Signal Driver 3 color



    LAMP / LED

    The CIRCUITRON SD-1 provides all the logic

    and output drivers to control any 3 lamp, 3

    color Block Signal or multiple

    lamp Position Light Signal. The

    three outputs on the SD-1 can

    each control a maximum of

    250 ma. and they will power

    either LED or incandescent

    lamp type signals. If your

    signals use LEDs, make certain

    that they are connected with a

    common positive (anode)

    connection of all LEDs (the signal should have

    4 wires, and the “common” connection

    should go to [+]. Most, but not all,

    signal manufacturers follow this design.

    Detection circuits (such as the

    CIRCUITRON BD-1, BD-2 or BD-3) that

    provide a logic low (- or ground) output

    are needed for a minimum of 2 blocks

    to display all three aspects. The SD-1

    is constructed on a 2” x 3” printed

    circuit board and requires a 10 - 18 volt

    DC input for proper operation.